Organizing new project with different Books

Hi, there, this is my first post and I´m totally new to Scrivener. I´m planning to use, but I´m not sure how to manage it. I´m searching for the best practice for my first big book-project.

I was writing my first “Cycle”, a bunch of 5 (maybe 6) separate books but in the same scope/world.
So, i´m asking about organizing these novels into one project, because the world(s), characters etc. are the same over the complete project.
The, office-written, drafts/manuscripts are about 1800 pages, between 300 and 500 per book.

So, should it be better to separate these into projects or should I handle it over one big project?

I´m asking, because, another post is going this direction, but not exactly for me,

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My Plan is, to import the text-files, separated by chapters into the project for “reorganizing”. I wrote it all just with cloudbased office, so totally without any organization structure :wink:

For short introduction, I´m 46 yo, IT-specialist from Germany and wrote a “sci-fi-epos” :wink: Now, I feel the limits of “just producing text files” and I want to use authoring software like Scrivener.

THX and bye!

I am writing my first book and may write more in a series. What I did was create a project world bible with folders for characters , settings, customs/ world building and update as story evolves. Currently doing 1500 to 2000 words a day at 50000. As go details occur to me so addend document and keep bible open as I write and creating glossary folder as I go. I do have a 3 monitor setup so easy to have multiple projects open at once. Hope this gives you ideas

There’s pros and cons to keeping them together or keeping them in separate projects. It partly depends on your workflow, and also partly on how much processing power your computer has (the larger the file, the harder to open and run). Oliver (our outreach specialist) did a webinar on tools for writing a series in Scrivener recently. You can watch the replay here if you’re interested.

Multiple Books in a Project (my workflow)

H there, thx for your hints. I just did it and filled the separate Books as parts into the project. Next challenges are with formatting, but I´m enjoying using Scrivener.