Organizing notes/background info for novel

I am using Scrivener to write a book and am keeping notes that come to me regarding my characters/world-building etc. within the same document.

I am wondering how others organize their note-taking so you can easily find something? Right now, for example, I have a “World Building” folder and in this I have documents for “Landscape”, “Government”, “History”, etc. I have another “Characters” folder with documents for each character.

On these documents I find I just write thoughts that occur to me with a date above, but I am concerned about just having these LONG documents I would have to scan to be able to find something I wrote three months ago. KWIM?

Any suggestions?

Just split the long texts into pieces and arrange them in order to have similar informations/ideas together.

(CMD-K is the split shortcut, in the menu it’s Document->Split->at Selection)

I am using Evernote to collect informations for my novels, because I like the possibility to have the whole thing synchronized. But I am willing to act like you do and will use Scrivener to collect and add all kind of informations within the target project. My projects are hosted in a Dropbox folder, so this is sufficient for me.
As I just have started three days ago, I can not present a best practice, but I will intensively use the Recherche functionality to have it all in one place.


You can use search to make different collections of your notes. This way you can for example search for each note that has a certain character in it, even though it might mainly be a note on landscape and is placed in the landscape-folder.