Organizing Scrivener Files

Newbie here.

I received an error message that my scrivener file was in the same folder as the backups and that I should move it to prevent problems. That made me look at my scrivener folder, and it’s a mess: several writing projects jumbled together, interspersed with backup files, a “scrivener” folder within the “scrivener” folder, etc. I’d like organize it something like this:


  • story1.scriv
  • story2.scriv
  • /Backups

Does the make sense? And can I just move the folders around or will that mean Scrivener won’t find them when I re-open the app?

Also, would this structure work in dropbox (to enable sync to my iPhone)?


You can use Finder to move projects around at will. Close Scrivener first.

iOS Scrivener will sync to whatever location you specify. You can only specify one folder, but Scrivener will also “see” any subfolders. Full details about setting up synchronization are here: Dropbox Syncing with iOS / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Doing this will break the Recent Projects menu, which will still point to old locations. I’d recommend clearing it when you’re done with the shuffle. While it repopulates, you can either open projects directly from Finder or use the File → Open command.

Taking an extra backup is never wrong.

More information about the error message you saw is here: