Organizing Use on Multiple Devices

I am brand new to scrivener. Just purchased it today from my macbook. Due to being mobility challenged, I mostly use my iPad. But, I also utilize my macbook from time to time, especially when submitting.

I am unsure on what is the best way to sync materials. I saw many different ways people do it, but got a bit overwhelmed. I am not even sure if I need to purchase an additional app like Scrivo Pro or Scrivener, but would like to avoid having a small pocketbook.

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions on how to move forward.

Scrivener Mac and Scrivener iPad are separate programs and sync via Dropbox.

It is important to know that Scrivo Pro is a third party app. I don’t know it and therefore I can’t say if it is any good. But even so I definitely recommend to get the real Scrivener for iOS/iPadOS.

Not only because I do know it is really good. But also because if any changes are made in Scrivener—and development is always going on—you can be sure the versions on all platforms are always on par. So for example syncing won’t get broken. A third party vendor can only react to changes with a certain amount of delay. At best.

The mobile and the “big” versions of Scrivener are not on par feature wise though. The mobile versions are companion apps to their big siblings, and, like I said, in my opinion fine ones. So if your iPad is your prime writing device I’d say investing in Scrivener for it is worth it.

I’ll phrase things a little more strongly than Suavito did: Scrivo Pro has no connection with Literature & Latte, the developers of Scrivener for Mac, Windows, and iOS. We do not support editing of Scrivener projects with any tool other than Scrivener itself. Use of Scrivo Pro (or any other third party software) to edit Scrivener projects is therefore entirely at your own risk.

A guide to synchronizing projects between iOS Scrivener and Mac Scrivener can be found here: … g-with-ios


I will go even further than the polite response from Katherine.

Firstly, I stress this is personal opinion and not L&L.

Back when iOS Scrivener was in development it APPEARED to me and others that a 3rd party saw the constant requests for iOS Scrivener (here and online elsewhere? ) and saw an opportunity to make $$.

An app was cobbled together with a name that might (IMHO) suggest some link to the genuine Scrivener and put out there. Somehow, that app name kept appearing in my online activity.

It’s some time back, but that’s the impression I had.

As Katherine so rightly stated L&L fully support the use of GENUINE iOS Scrivener, but not 3rd party apps claiming compatibility.

Again, this is my personal recollection and opinion. I have no connection to L&L.

I will go one step further with my personal opinion.

Don’t touch 3rd party supposedly compatible software with the proverbial 10ft barge pole !

A few practical suggestions:

  1. Get the scrivener IOS app, don’t under any circumstances use 3rd part software.
  2. Get the dropbox app for both your macbook and ipad.
  3. Sync the dropbox app before you do anything with scrivener no matter what device you are using.

This comes from a writer with a windows desktop, windows laptop, macbook pro laptop and an ipad all of which have scrivener and dropbox.

FYI, the ipad dropbox app is not necessary for the iOS scrivener version to sync. You have to set up Scrivener for iOS with your dropbox userid & password, and choose within it what folder on Dropbox to sync with.

If you’re using the free tier of Dropbox, eschewing the dropbox iOS app means that you free up one of the 3 devices that you can set up Dropbox on. Apps that are authorized to directly interact with the dropbox servers, like Scrivner for iOS, don’t count against this limit.

No but I’ve personally had way fewer syncing issues with having the dropbox app than when I relied solely on scrivener to sync.

I have two free accounts with my files shared between them.

But the two literally do not (can not) interact under iOS – they are run in separate sandboxes. I have never installed the Dropbox client on my current iPhone and iPad, and have had zero sync issues.

If you are having sync issues, something else is wrong, and the presence of the iOS Dropbox client is not going to help (and may, in fact, confuse the less technically minded people who now think there is some sort of link or requirement and get frustrated when the Dropbox client doesn’t help them.)

You only need the Dropbox client on iOS if you are using Dropbox to transfer other files than your Scrivener projects.

Having the Dropbox client on the iOS device can be useful for troubleshooting purposes: it can confirm that the device successfully connects to the Dropbox server and transfers data. But it’s completely irrelevant to the operation of Scrivener’s synchronization functions.


Thank you, everyone. All of this was very helpful information. I have found my way.