original missing from compile menu

2.6 i hadn’t used scrivener for a few weeks tried to compile a newly edited file to a pdf, But the “original” choice not on the compile menu.

Thanks, I’ve already made a note of this, as we have to do some clean up work for all the compile presets and project templates and do need to get an “Original” back in there. You can set it up yourself though, by clicking the “…” button to see all the options and just deselecting the box at the Formatting tab so that you aren’t overriding formatting–that’s pretty much what “original” is, as it compiles with the formatting you have in the editor. You may also want to check the Text Options tab, as that controls conversions for straight/smart quotes, italics/underlines, etc.

OK, mostly, but i get a duplication of the title in the compiled Pdf.


By Douglass Carmichael
revision July 13, 2011

I don’t see where the first two lines are coming from. Those lines are in typewriter font and the next three are in Times Roman, which i used throughout. This chapter in called introduction, not Chapter one.

Ah, okay, looks like the title prefix is set up as well, sorry to have missed that. (It should only be the default for the custom compile presets for certain project templates, but since this all just got added into the compile with the last beta, I’m not sure all the templates are quite right with that.) In that same formatting tab of compile, for each document type/level row you’ll want to click the “Modify” button and then, in the new window that pops up, click “Title Settings” and delete the prefix there. (Probably this is only set on the folders row, but if you’re getting the “Chapter” before other types of documents as well then be sure to check them all.) That will take care of the “CHAPTER” numbering.

To remove the title that immediately follows it, just deselect the box in the “title” column also there in formatting. It sounds like you’ve put the titles directly into the document text, so there’s no need to also compile the document titles (ie, the name of the document as you see it in the binder).