Original Scrivener default style

I first used Scrivener on my old Mac. It had a really nice default font style, but can’t remember what it was. The new Windows version uses Courier, like a regular typescript, which is fine, but I changed that to Times. My favourite style was the original on the Mac, though. Does anyone know what that was and how I can reset to that format?

Do you mean the actual font used?

It’s Cochin now, I think, but I’ve got a vague memory that it used to be Optima on the Mac.

If you can get hold of a copy and install it on Windows, all you need to do in Scrivener is set Optima to be the default text font in Preferences/Options and it will apply to all new documents you create. You can also convert existing documents to use that font. Sorry, I’m not on a Windows machine at the moment, so I can’t give you the exact steps to do this, but it’s there in the general Preferences/Options dialogue somewhere.

Thanks, brookter, that’s what I needed. I mis-read your name, thought it was Booker T (of “Green Onions” and “Time is Tight” fame), ha, ha!