Original Scrivener Users?

I’ve been a Scriv user since around 2008 or 2009.

First, a couple of facts. Could somebody give me the answers to these?

When did Scrivener launch?

It was originally for screenwriting and the adaptations for writing novels came later, correct?

And finally, the question I’d love to see answers to from others.

What attracted you to Scrivener?

For me it was the Binder and the ability to import everything and I do mean everything so that when I opened Scriv everything was at my fingertips. I have ADD, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Associeated Cognitive Disorders [my shorthand for this is that I have dys-brain]. I didn’t know all this at the time, just that everything I did was scattered and tumbled in my brain as well as my computer as well as my desktop as well as… that. And the idea that I could pull together every single research or resource I needed while writing a project and having it all at my fingertips instead of who knows where on my computer was… orgasmic. [Hyperbole. Barely.]

I had no intention of using Scriv to write–would continue to use Word and just use Scriv for the Binder. In no time I realized that the only way it worked for me was to write in Scriv or else it really wasn’t all at my fingertips at one time.

It changed my career, and I’m totally grateful and have been recommending Scriv ever since!

So, who’s next? And also, answer my questioins, please? If thought the info would be here on the website or in the wikipedia entry and didn’t find either thing–the first year it launched or the history that included things like 'originally for screenwriting. And if it’s here or there and I missed it, I plead dys-brain [see above].


Oh one more thing. I was here on the forum as pooks for years, too, though I didn’t post often. For some reason I was never able to reclaim that account. If it matters and somebody wants to help me figure out the problem, let me know. Otherwise, now I’m StillPooks!

And if I’m posting in the wrong place, again, please let me know and how to move and mea culpa dys-brain.

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For your first two questions:

  1. I joined the forum on 29th January 2007, though I had probably found Scrivener a couple of weeks before. I bought my first licence on 2nd March 2007, so it must be around then that Keith launched it as a paid-for application.

  2. It was not primarily designed for Scriptwriting; I don’t know when that came in, but the 1.10 Change list of 5th November 2007 says “The script formats are now installed via a separate Extras installer”. KB wrote Scrivener as he couldn’t find a program that did what he needed for writing his novel.

As for your third question: (1) the ability to break up a long document into small pieces which could be recombined at compile time: (2) the ability to split the editor window … I work with translation and having the source text in one split and the target in the other is essential as far as I’m concerned.



The change logs found here: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/legacy-scrivener-1-change-list answers your first two questions (plus more). I found them here: https://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivener/release-notes?os=macOS. MacOS started things, the other releases (Windows and iOS) came later and have their own release notes.

For me, I came at things from the Windows side. Having the all-in-one (binder, research, etc.) really appealed to me. It still does, even, and especially now, that it can write on MacOS or Windows at will.

Thanks for answering, Mark. I joined in or prior to 2008, so a bit after you did.

Are you certain that it wasn’t designed for scripts/screenplays? Keith is a screenwriter, I thought.

The things that brought you into it were the tech things that meant nothing to me at the time and I still have trouble with. But from the time I wrote my first novel on a computer rather than typewriter-- using the original Macintosh in 1984 – I have written in chapters. Back then, anything longer than a chapter wouldn’t fit in one file! That was MS Word 1.0.

Thanks, Jestar. I’m about to start experimenting with the mac/pc thing for the first time, since my editor is on a pc and we’re going to see if she can wrap her mind around Scriv.

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Keith’s a novelist. See his entry in L&L’s About Us.

If you’re interested in Scrivener’s genesis, see this blog post series from 2006, authored by Keith. The link is to Post #1.



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When I began using Beta Scrivener, in 2006, Keith was still actually writing his novel.

Thanks for the link to Keith’s blog posts on the early history of Scrivener, really interesting to read.

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I came along pretty early. Bought one of the first Intel Macs in early 2006 specifically to run Scrivener (and DevonThink). Joined the support team not too long after the Scrivener 2 (Mac) release.

The big attraction for me was the ability to write in chunks and move them around freely. Matches the way my brain works. Probably my two most-used features are the Corkboard and the Document → Split/Move/Merge functions.