Ornamental Breaks Appearing on ToC

I’m finalizing an update to my ebook and I’m having issues resolving a few things. One is the appearance of ornamental breaks that I’ve added to my chapters on the ToC. I have three hearts as a break. When placed in the section layout under title suffix, it appears correctly on the chapter page, but also appears on the ToC where I don’t want it.

When I place it in the section prefix after the title, it no longer shows on the ToC, but it appears misplaced on the chapter page.

If anyone can help me sort this out, I would really appreciate it.

Go into the Document Title Links compile format pane and check off Do not include title suffixes in updated links. That kind of stuff is precisely what this option is for.

Alternatively you could make use of the new ability to add a suffix to the entire layout, in the “Suffix” tab, to handle this kind of stuff, since strictly speaking the ornament is not a part of the heading text, but a part of how it is presented as a block.

I also promote the latter use as you might find use for the suffix as an integral part of the heading text, something you would want in the ToC. Being able to separate that content from the ornamental presentation of the heading as a whole means being able to achieve that, while adding both the integral component and the ornament to the same title suffix field would put you in the bind of having to turn it all off or leave the ornaments in the ToC.

Thanks! That’s exactly what I needed to know. :slight_smile: