OS 10.5.1

I would like to purchase Scrivener - it looks great - I read that it
needs OS 10.6?? but also see on this board that there are people using it
with 10.4. So, I’m wondering, is there a more sitable version for the older OS’s?
and if so, how might I go about buying an older version? I have 10.5.1.
Also, if I buy a copy now and update my computer in a few months, can I transfer
the program? These might be basic questions, I hope you can assist.posting.php?mode=post&f=2#


Scrivener is compatible all the way back to 10.4 Tiger, so you are plenty fine with Leopard, and there would be no reason for using the older version (we don’t sell it any more, anyway). Where did you read that it requires Snow Leopard or higher? If it was on one of our pages somewhere, I’d like to fix it.

That’s no problem. When you buy the program, what you are actually buying is an unlock code which will be e-mailed to you. From that point on you can download a demo copy and unlock it with that code. So transferring to a new computer is simply a matter of installing it again and following the instructions that will be sent to you in that e-mail.

Scrivener is also 10.7 Lion compatible, so in the likely event that your new computer comes pre-installed with it, you’ll be okay.

Thanks Amber,

I just googled the question about which OS is required…I’ll see if I can find it again.
It was a few weeks ago.

Also, I’m in the country and have an unreliable internet connection.
How big is the file (so I can work out how long it might take to download)
and is it possible to buy a copy on disk?

Thanks again


Amber, it was in the iTunes Mac App store, where it says
‘Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later’

Ah, okay, yes the Mac App Store actually sets that requirement because the App Store itself cannot run on anything lower than 10.6.6. This is an Apple restriction—the software itself is perfectly capable, but since you cannot install an App Store copy on an older OS at all, that’s the limit. You would want to purchase directly from us on the main web page—and yes, there is an option to have it sent to you on CD-ROM. The download is about 25mb, though, not terribly huge.

Excellent, thankyou very much


Almost got what I was looking for - thank you AmberV. I seem to have simillar problem - to some degree, so I decided to ask for more support, please.
I bought a new iMac some days ago, Lion already on board, then the Scrivener was purchased (from Literature and Latte via Excellerate). Unfortunately there are some iMac hardware issues and I will have to replace computer. Some projects already started, one of them in a pretty advanced stage at the moment. What should I exactly do to be sure that I will be able to open these projects once I get a new iMac?
I understand that before sending the old one back to Apple, Scrivener has to be deinstalled. How to secure the projects - simply transfer them to any external drive / pendrive? Then - correct me please, if I am wrong - Scrivener needs to be downloaded and installed on new iMac and activated. Copy projects from pendrive and all is fine and working? I need to be sure so that no mistake will be made potentially leading to loss of already started projects.
A deep bow and sea of smiles for a word of help.


Yes, just make sure you have copies (and copies of copies if you are paranoid like me) of every “.scriv” file on your drive. You can run a Spotlight search for that to locate them all. Drag them to a stick drive or two. Before you send the machine in for repair/replacement, use the main Scrivener menu to visit the Registration panel and deactivate your copy.

Once you get the new machine, download and install Scrivener and use the e-mail invoice to register it. Copy your project files to the new computer wherever you want to store them. Initially you won’t have your Recent Files lists so you’ll need to know where they are so you can double-click on them to load them. Before you install Scrivener, they might look like folders—that’s fine. Nothing is damaged, that is what they really look like underneath OS X’s package feature. Once you had it installed they’ll go back to looking like files with an icon.


If I could write poems, I would write one right now to say … thank you, thank you so much for your help AmberV. Thank you Ioa. It is more than I could expect. I did not know, that before deinstalling Scrivener, I need to visit Registration panel to unregister my copy. So, as I promised… a deep bow and the seventh sea of smiles. Thank you.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

You don’t have to deactivate… but in the long run it would be helpful. There is a counter with a tripwire that checks for unreasonable amounts of activation. In other words, if someone pirates a Scrivener number it will automatically disable at a certain point. So remembering to deactivate will help keep your counter trim.