OS quotation marks in 1.5 please

Dear Keith,

I know that the OS text system in general under Snow Leopard has become worse but substitution of quotation marks has not*. Since SL you can chose the set of quotation marks which is important when you write in German like me because we got more than one possible set.

Scrivener has been capable of doing that for a long time already? Yes, it is. But it does not differentiate between an apostrophe and a single closing quotation mark which in German is NOT the same.

You should either code this yourself or allow the option to use the OS substitution of quotation marks (in the preferences not just manually in a context menu). Whichever is easier.

And since 2.0 won’t be around for half a year (or even more, who knows) it would come very handy if you could add this to the next 1.5 update. It is a annoying to be forced to type opt-shift-’ for every apostrophe and (almost) in Scrivener only.


  • Well, not the whole of it is improved. It worked more fluently under Leopard, especially in Mail it acts like it is sedated.[/size]


I’m afraid that although this is coming, not until 2.0. It’s not as simple as just adding it - Scrivener’s text system and its many customisations are integrated throughout the program, and changing this requires different preferences for versions of Scrivener running on OSes, a lot of changing to the custom text views, and so on - too much work for anything pre-2.0 which is already over-schedule. 1.5x will remain bug-fixes only. It is done for 2.0, though.

All the best,