OS X autocorrect in Scrivener?

I’m a little confused about how the autocorrect in Scrivener works. Is it its own thing, or does it borrow from the OS X autocorrect & its dictionaries, etc.?

If the latter – there seems to be some strange inconsistencies.

For example, if in Textedit I type “flowign” it corrects it automatically to “flowing”; if I type the same thing in Scrivener, it underlines it in red but does not correct it.

How do I get it to autocorrect it? “Correct spelling errors as you type” and “check spelling as you type in new projects” are checked in Scrivener preferences.


I recently upgraded to Sierra (~ 10 days) and am noticing that the special characters I set up in OS X spelling correction (for example —> becomes a rightward arrow) are not coming into play when I type them in Scrivener (v They still work in Nisus Writer Pro (v 2.1.6) and Mac Apps like Calendar and Notes. I also have “correct errors as you type” and “check spelling” ticked as preferences in Scrivener.

I didn’t see any replies to this post so figured I would tag mine to it rather than start a new thread. If it has been solved elsewhere, please let me know.


Susan S

If you’re in a document, right click anywhere and from the context menu select Spelling and Grammar > then Show Spelling & Grammar. If one of the words it comes up with is - for example - “flowign”, then there should be a suggestion of “flowing” to choose, then Change.

I did just test this specific example and it offered ‘flowing’ as the only suggestion for ‘flowign’. I’m not sure why it didn’t correct as you type though (I have this option turned off).