OS X Installation problems - No Scrivener!

Dear Forum,

I’ve been trying to upgrade to v2.0 all morning. I have v1.54 on my laptop running Mac OS X 10.6.4 When I launch Scrivener I get the dialogue box prompting me to upgrade to v2.0. So I click on “Install Update” and I then see the “downloading update” progress box. When it’s downloaded, I see the “extracting” progress dialogue box. Then I get the “Install and Relaunch” button, which I click. Then…NOTHING! All that happens is that old v1.54 version launches and prompts me once again to update to 2.0. Nothing in the ‘Downloads’ folder. No relevant .dmg on my computer anywhere (I’ve searched and searched). I’ve been through this process about 5 times. Getting very frustrated.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks, Andy.

I’m no expert, but the first thing I would try would be to download the new version manually from the downloads page on the Lit&Lat website, instead of going through the automated update from inside Scrivener. But someone else may have a more sophisticated solution!

Best, Martin.

Hi Andy,

You need to download 2.0 from the Scrivener webpage, as Martin said. 2.0 is a paid upgrade (free if you bought 1.54 on or after August 1st), but you can get a discounted price following the directions from the Software Update notice:

You can also just go straight to the main page and download the trial to play around for 30 days to decide whether you’d like to buy or not. (You should; it’s fantastic! But you can try it and see for yourself. :wink: ) Meanwhile, using 1.54, you can always hit “skip this version” so the notice stops showing when you relaunch. (Right now, the “update” through that window is just grabbing 1.54 again, because some users didn’t realize 2.0 was paid and got upset when they updated and then were no longer registered for the new version; unfortunately, the way that the updater with the older version works, there was no good way around the problem–either it had to download 2.0 or 1.54 again; there was no nice “are you sure?” sort of option.)