(OSX) Insert screen caps directly into a Document

OSX has a feature to screen cap a portion of the screen and create a file on the desktop (apple key + SHIFT + 4). I use this feature often when creating notes and reports (ofcourse I do not use screen caps when publishing =D). I’d like scrivener to have an insert mode to directly insert screen caps into documents. all the clicking and dragging to do it manually is getting annoying.

Forgive me if there is some plugin that does this, I would appreciate if someone could link me to said plugin.

I recommend using Skitch for this - you can just drag from a well in Skitch into Scrivener’s binder. I don’t understand how Scrivener could have an insert mode for this without having its own screen capture feature, which is of course out of scope for an app such as Scriv.

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If you add the Ctrl key to the shortcut, e.g. Ctrl-Shift-Cmd-4, the screen capture will go to the clipboard instead of creating a file on your desktop, and you can just paste that into Scrivener. If you want this most of the time, I’d suggest going into System Preferences and changing the keyboard shortcuts, since Ctrl-Shift-Cmd-4 is a beast to type.

Skitch is quite nice though and lets you do some little tweaks before dragging the image into Scrivener, so you can crop it a bit or add arrows or text as needed.

The beastliness of this shortcut can be mitigated in that the Ctrl key need only be held down at the termination of taking the screenshot, rather than the initiation. So you can hit Shift-Cmd-4, which doesn’t require the limbs and fingers of a frog, and then hold down Ctrl all by itself as you draw out the rectangle.

And pressing space-bar before that switches from drawing a rectangle to selecting the entire window (if that’s what you want). Click saves to desktop, Ctrl-Click to the clipboard.