OSX, IOS, and Continuity

Any chance of getting Continuity support now that Scrivener is on ios?


That already should be happening, in that the last document you were working on will be loaded in the editor in either direction. Naturally on the iPhone when you open a project there is no document already loaded, but the Recent list should be up to date and get you back to where you were a minute ago (just as you would do if you close the project and come back to it on the iPhone). Is there anything else that you’d like to see? Nothing else on the linked page looks relevant to Scrivener.

As for actually supporting Handoff as a technology, unfortunately as is the case with much of Apple’s recent technology, it’s really only designed for the most obvious and common uses. Scrivener’s project format uses another type of macOS file format designed for “bucket” usage, where you can dump 1,000 PDF files into the program—and that automatically excludes our format from stuff like iCloud, Handoff, Versions (on macOS) and a few other things. Those all presume singular files containing all of the data within them. You can only imagine what a single long file containing 1,000 PDFs (never mind the rest of your book) would look like. That’s why we don’t do things that way. :slight_smile:

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