OSX Parity - Typewriter Scrolling


I was wondering about typewriter scrolling on the Windows version of Scrivener. I know that you can turn it on, but, from what I can tell, there is no way to adjust where the typewriter scrolling occurs. It sits squarely in the middle of your document. In the OSX version of Scriv 3, you can choose top quarter, third, etc. Are there any plans to bring this feature to the windows version as well?


There are several things that need to be added to Typewriter scrolling in fact, including the positional options. The behaviour will also by default not snap the typing line to the middle (or set) placement on the screen, but rather start working from wherever that line currently sits on the screen. That way when you’re editing the text isn’t snapping around whenever you type. There will be a setting to turn that off and have it work the way it does right now, as well.

That is so good to know! The way that Scrivener 3 on OSX handles typewriter scrolling is honestly one of my favorite features of Scrivener! I love it so much that I dread having to use any other program which doesn’t have adjustable (and sometimes I like the snappable) typewriter scrolling. Having the typewriter scrolling + ability to have my outline on the other editor + zotpick as a citation manager + compile to markdown is a godsend for academic work. I got a new PC recently so I’m in eager anticipation of the Windows release!

Thank you for your prompt response :smiley: