OSX System Compatibility with PB G4

I’m using Scrivener 2.8 under OS X 10.12.0. I am also using Scrivener for iOS on an iPhone 6 Plus. I use DropBox to ‘share’ the files between platforms. This works brilliantly.

As it happens, I have a PowerBook G4 that I love to use for typing and so would like to put Scrivener on the G4 PowerBook. Alas the PowerBook supports OS X through Tiger, 10.5.

Question: Is there a version of Scrivener that runs under Tiger and retains the compatibility with iOS?


(Yes, I know, get with the modern era. I really get it. But although that PB is barely worth $100, it is compact, very robust, and it works; plus, I feel comfortable with the keyboard).

I’m afraid not. The last version that supports Power PC does not support the updated formats that iOS compatibility requires.

You might be able to use External Folder Sync on your more modern Mac, and edit those RTF files with another text editor on your G4.

But if it’s just the old clicky keyboard that keeps you coming back to your old mac, then I would suggest getting one of these for your newer mac: matias.ca/minitactilepro/mac/

As I feared, and thanks.

I should probably have not updated my work into a version of Scrivener that won’t run on 10.5; I see there’s no ‘save as’ that saves down to earlier versions of Scrivener.

I made the tough decision to move on from by beloved PB 12" G4…
12 years and still working, but shiny shiny finally lured me away.

It would be nice to have a “Save as” option, but I guess there would be so many potential losses that it’s just not worth it…

Maybe a dropbox sync, like with that iOS Card Index App