"Other Editor/Scroll Up|Down" does not work for PDFs in "Single Page" display mode

The possibility to write in one split and scroll a PDF file in the other split with Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-Arrow Up|Down is great. For me the keyboard shortcut only works when the display option for the PDF is set to “Single Page Continuous” and does not work for “Single Page” (where one PDF page fills the entire height of my display), though. Any chance this can be improved, so that it works in both situations?


Unfortunately there is no easy way of doing this, I’m afraid. The “scroll in other editor” feature just sends a “scroll up” or “scroll down” message to whatever is in the other editor. But scrolling up or down doesn’t move between pages in a PDF view showing single page mode. The only way to do it would be to add a completely separate command specifically for flicking to the next or previous page in the other editor.

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