Other header variables?

Pardon me if this has been answered; I’ve looked around, I’ve grepped the app with strings, and I can’t find what I need.

I want to put the current document’s title in the header when I compile. I can use <$drafttitle> to give me the name of the Draft folder, but I can’t apparently use <$title> or <$documenttitle>. It doesn’t seem like it’s currently possible.

The use case here is that I am compiling lyrics (one document per page) for creating setlists etc., and rather than display the title in a normal place above the text, I’d rather use the real estate already at the top of the page. (And BTW, Collections seem to work great for pulling together setlists: I put all the lyric sheets in the Binder and then pull the lyrics for each song into a Collection for each set.)

Would also be nice if I could put a document’s meta-data in the header/footer. I put info like the starting key and starting chord of a song into custom meta-data … would be nice to slap that into the header too.


I’m afraid for this you would need to take the RTF out to an external word processor and edit the headers and footers there, as this is a little out of Scrivener’s scope, as nice as it would be. When the text is laid out into pages, the headers and footers have no concept of discrete documents within that text; in word processors this is handled by different sections, but it’s not a trivial task and so is the sort of thing left to dedicated layout programs.

Thanks and all the best,

P.S. Great to know that collections are proving useful for set-lists, by the way.

Alright, thanks. Not knowing the internals of how this all works in Scrivener, I couldn’t know that, but thank you for the explanation: that makes perfect sense.