Other programs to use with Scrivener

I am a new Scrivener user. I am already sold on Scrivener as a great repository for organizing data of different types, and I’ve started using it for multiple projects not related to writing. It is great for organizing any type of data. I will state that, so far, it appears to be one of the best value software tools I’ve ever used.

I am looking for programs to work with Scrivener. I’ve read the reviews of quite a few different automated grammar and spell checkers, and Editor by Serenity Software looks like a good choice. Can anyone offer their views on this or similarly functioning software? I’m not looking for “Best of” types of comparisons, but I would be happy to know if I’m looking at a turkey.

The other program I have been looking at is Aeon Time Line. I’ve seen threads on both this forum and theirs about the tie in, and it looks to be fairly good. I have begun writing a novel, and the time line will be critical to the plot, so that’s why I’m considering this software. Again, I’m mostly looking for “don’t do it!” types of warnings if these should be warranted.

In case it matters: I am on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. I cannot upgrade the OS as I need other software the computer has installed to do my day job. Windows 8 cannot do all I need, and Windows 10 is right out. The Mac won’t do the job at all, so I will not be switching systems. I do not need iOS tie-ins, as I use very few apps on my iPhone.

I do not subscribe to “software as a service” so if I missed this “feature” on either of these, please point it out, so I can look for another alternative. As well, if you’re just in love with one of the competing products, I’d entertain your views, as well.

I hope my request does not violate any terms of this board. If it does, then I hope a moderator or administrator deletes this and I offer my apologies in advance for the transgression.

Thanks in advance for any considered replies!

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Aeon timeline is good, although I use it mostly for project tracking and planning, not writing. :slight_smile:

As for spellchecker and grammar, my solutions are Mac only.

What other types of programs did you have in mind? Scrivener is all you need for writing fiction.

Thank you for the reply, lunk.

I am still searching the forums here and working on my book. As I find a need or want for another program, I’m sure I’ll research that.

Edit: Is there a tool (not online/web based) that allows me to do a readability score that someone might recommend?

Do you have any suggestions as to helpful programs? My spelling and grammar are pretty good, so I’ll be using Editor mostly as a backstop than as a utility infielder. Aeon looked like an easier way to track my convoluted timeline. I’m certainly open to suggestions concerning other useful authoring tools.

If I get Aeon Time Line, and decide not to buy it after using it, will it make my Scrivener file unusable, forcing me to recreate it? I have not yet downloaded the trial version, but probably will later today.

Thanks again for the reply,