Our cleaning lady

Our cleaning lady is not highly educated but has a cunning intelligence, that often leaves me perplex.

One day when she was cleaning the stains around the coffee machine, she said to me:
“You are so sloven Bob”.
“I didn’t make those stains”, I replied," that’s my son".
“Amazing what genes can do”, she remarked.

She had on several occasions complained to me about her bad luck.
“You see Bob, my problem is that I look too good for my own best”.

Another day she was late, but excused herself for having come from an examination by her doctor.
“Is anything wrong with your health?”, I asked.
“No the doctor said that I’m in perfect health, and that I have a body of a sixteen year old”, she cheerfully replied.

Now she is almost 50 years old, and has average looks. But the spontaneity and nonchalance with which she utters her opinions leaves me flabbergasted.

who’s gonna save us all from the educated idiots, herding humankind t’ward that crumbling edge of the Abyss. Intelligence and common sense seem to be hard come by … as usual. :frowning:
Ah well c’est la vie [size=50](but for how much longer?)[/size]