Our NEW three word Pirate story

blushed with posterity

av y gorra mimit? Can y tell me wot this means—> ‘blushed with posterity’ :confused:

Meanwhile, Marty MacFadden

mourned the loss

of sanity. While

the dishwasher exploded

into raucous laughter [size=50]y` know, it really is hard work, with you two feckin hillbillies![/size]

Meanwhile the Space-Crabs

were pissy drunk

and looking for

dog flesh to

to accessorize claws

. Cosmic background radiation,

[size=85]You’ve got me there Vic … I was trying to work out what on earth it was meant to be … pidgin language of some kind perhaps[/size]



One wondered if becoming, 'Blushed With Posterity’, was a goal worth pursuing? However in furtherance of the quest, one uncovered:
muse.jhu.edu/login?uri=/journals … dirck.html
Maybe it`s not as bizarrely ‘Pigeon’ as it fist appeared :laughing: :laughing: [/size]

made Marty randy.

[size=70]vic-k do you know what punctuation is? are you familiar with the rule?[/size]

But then again

wot dat den? do tell :confused:

so did macramé.

with a hangover.


you to chefie?[/size]
“Rules don’t count.”

Chief Pongo! At the risk of being accused of control freakery, can you tell me what this---->with a hangover. has got to do with ---->so did macramé.

You are on dial-up, arent y? go admit it :wink:

Why are you so preoccupied with dots and dots with squiggly tails etc?

I like the crazy premise of the 3 word line. rarely do you make a full statement in 3 words so you change mine, I change yours, KB expels us both, etc. If you go and put stops, pauses, exclamatories at the end of your turn you effectively forbid anyone from creatively altering your thought. This violates the premise of the 2 word format; I can alter the thought mid stream.

If we lead our turn with a stop then we (as a part of our turn) declare the preceding thought complete and can start a new thought stream. Mid turn we indicate completion of old and origin of new thought stream. But if we leave it open we dare everyone to let fly.

See, it is not just a punctuation fetish…