I’ve been having some difficulties with My Scrivener app for the past couple of days. I’ve had another post related to two other topics; the application is now completely unable to save, backup or close. I can only force quit the application. Ive tried everything, from exporting from project to project, saving other copies, etc., and still nothing. Please see image attached and if anyone can assist here, I’d greatly appreciate it.

How many other apps are you running, openly or in the background (check the menubar and autostart in System settings) and when did you last close all applications and did a clean restart of your Mac?

Also, what version of Scrivener do you have, and with which version of OS X?

How big is the project? Are there any unusually large component files?

You can open Scrivener without any projects by holding the Shift key when the program starts. If you do that, and then open a brand new blank project, do you still see the error?


Lunk, there is more than 11gb memory left out of 16. i’ve shut all startup apps and still the same problem.

Kewms, Project is roughly about 300mb and there is only container files/folders with text, links to websites and maybe 10 pics attached; not much media attached. Im using scrivener solely as an outliner. 99% of the projects consists of text and container level files/folders. New projects have no problem. Spoke to some guy in Scrivener tech and told me to drag and drop folders to new project as I essentially had issues (freezing and having to force quit) duplicating files. Ever since I’ve dragged to a new project, my old project has been giving me the internal memory error. I don’t know what else to do.

… and closed down and re-started the Mac itself? Rebooting sometimes takes care of mysterious problems.

what do you mean by restarting the mac itself? the restart command from the manu bar? That I have done!

Yes, I meant closing all apps and then either turning off (shut down) and re-starting by pressing the power key, or ordering the Mac to re-start, without automatically opening anything.
It sounds as if hou need to do some error tracking, trying to identify exactly what it is in that particular project that is causing the problem.