Outline and Binder behavior

One thing I have noticed that’s a bit odd is that if I have split view open, as soon as I focus on the other view, the document that is supposed to be highlighted in the Binder view changes to the document that’s opened in the other view, and the original document that’s opened before the split view is now no longer highlighted in the Binder view. That doesn’t seem intuitive to me, since it would make more sense if both documents in the split views are highlighted in the Binder view?

Another thing is when I open up Outline view and click on the highest hierarchy folder, all the listed folders are closed, and I would have to open them up individually in order to see all the documents in all the chapters. It would be great if there’s a button that opens up all the folders with one single click. We can sort do this in corkboard view if we right-click a fodler in Binder view and choose Open/With all subdocuments, but that’s not the same thing. If we can have a way to open up all folders in Outline view, with all the folders opened with all documents visible, it would be very convenient. Same thing with the Binder view. It would be nice to be able to open up all the folders with a single click. This is especially useful when you have dozens and dozens of chapters and want to open them all up.

I think I found a workaround to the open folders problem. If I open up all the folders in the Outline view in one of the split views, and then lock it in place, it will stay that way. But this is a workaround and not ideal, since it’s not as flexible. Also, there’s no lock in place for the Binder view.

Hi Lunatique,

Regarding your first point about the binder selection and split view, please see this FAQ answer which explains the design choice for the current behavior.

As for expanding selections, there are a couple ways to do this. View > Outline > Expand All will open everything. You can also hold the Alt key while clicking the disclosure arrow to the left of the container to expand or collapse all items within it. These commands both work in the binder as well as in the outliner.

Just to add that if you ever want to highlight the current document in the binder, use View > Reveal in Binder.

All the best,


The ALT+click to open all contained folders in Binder view is awesome–that’s exactly what I was looking for. To get the same trick to work in the Outline view, I had to create one more root folder to house all the chapters in, and that did the trick (otherwise you’d still have a bunch of separate chapters folders to deal with without a master root folder to perform the trick on. I don’t want to use the menu navigation to do the Outline/Expand All, since that’s too many clicks and mouse movements. so the ALT+click trick is PERFECT.