Outline breaking lines

One of the many fine tools Scrivener offers is the option to export an outline. For reasons I can’t seem to figure out, the export often breaks a line of the outline and creates two excel rows. I have about 250 rows in my outline, and it happens 7 or 8 times in an export, always, it seems, after Label and before Status. The contents of the label field are not the same each time this happens. See a sample attached. Not the end of the world, but any ideas?

Could you please post both he .csv file that is causing the problem, and the contents of the cell that is getting split? There must be something in the cell that is getting split that is confusing the .csv file.


Sorry for the delay. I thought I’d sent a message w/file a couple of days ago, but this forum won’t take a csv attachment and I didn’t notice that the reply didn’t post. Problem is probably some punctuation issue or a paragraph return. I’ll review and fix if I can.