Outline: can I see it in Simplenote?

I would really like (need) to see just my book’s outline in Simplenote… All the chapters are syncing great with my iPad & Simplenote - but the chapters are out of order! I’ve been trying to copy & paste the outline (or just the binder list) into Simplenote but haven’t been very successful… any ideas? I’m just using the trial version, and trying to figure it all out! So far I’m loving it…

What I would do is produce a separate outline file using Compile, as follows:

  • Choose Format As: Synopsis Outline
  • Include everything
  • On the Compile -> Formatting pane, make sure that just the Title and Synopsis boxes are checked for all levels.
  • Compile to Plain Text
  • Send the resulting file to SimpleNote.

Note that this outline won’t be “live,” which means it won’t change as the structure of your project changes, and conversely changes in this file won’t sync back to the project. But you’ll be able to see the whole structure in one place.