Outline, Corkboard, and Binder

There are a few more things that would make working across corkboard, outline, and binder even smoother. If all (or as many as possible) operations were available in all of them e.g. Binder and Corkboard could both add “Include in Draft” via a pop-up. Similarly, it would be nice if drag-n-drop became consistent across these, and consistent with osx conventions: Opt-drag to copy, Drag to move. Also, in some places we get the big green osx “+” to show a copy will be made; in other places we don’t get this e.g. drag text from document into binder.


Plus one vote for this here.

Sorry, I don’t work on a voting system. :slight_smile: The binder remains the place for importing work. The corkboard and outliner are for working on the structure.
All the best,