Outline format within a text document

Within a text document, I often need to create lists in a very simple standard outline format with indentation and sub-categories.
For example

  1. point1
    [list] a. subpoint 1a
    b. subpoint 1b
    2. Point2
    a. subpoint2a
    b. subpoint2b
    [list] i. sub-subpoint2bi
    ii. sub-subpoint2bii c. subpoint2c[/list:u] 3. point 3[/list:u]

I really don’t need anything more elaborate than that.
Either the item numbering and could be picked up from the tab indenting,
Or the formatting could impose a indenting and item numbering style.

But the Format>List common in Scrivener-for-Windows does NOT seem to continue the correct number for new super-point. (When a previous subpoints list ends, it restarts with 1).

Perhaps the best answer is to use MultiMarkdown?
I just want to be sure I’m not missing somehthing in standard Scrivener for Windows.
Maybe I’m doing something wrong.