Outline Import/Conversion (for Scriv and more)

Here is an Applescript program which enables you to take outlines (or mind maps) built elsewhere and turn them into Scrivener projects whose binder structure (and outline view) reflects the structure of the given outline (or map).

Periodically, someone on the forum expresses the desire to be able to do this. Usually they have a bunch of outlines they have made in Word and they want to get them over to Scrivener in a way that preserves the actual structure of the outline.

I have written a simple Applescript to do this which leverages Scrivener’s ability to import MultiMarkdown format files. The script has more general application as well, because it handles outline conversions between MS Word, MultiMarkdown, OPML and Tabbed outline.

The script requires MS Word to function.

The script and instructions are zipped here. I hope some folks here will find this useful.

All Best,

ADDENDUM (3/2008): This script was written and tested on OS X Tiger with MS Word 2004. It may or may not work on OS X Leopard or with MS Word 2008.
Greg’s Outline Converter.zip (75.3 KB)

Well done Greg, and many thanks. :smiley: