Outline Loses Track of Numbering

I searched and did not find a reference to this going back to June of 2014. My apologies if this duplicates an earlier report.

In the content window (inside the card,) if one enters a numbered list (1,2,3, etc.) the numbering is inconsistent. If a line is deleted, the next number becomes 1, even if the previous number at that level was 5.

If one then goes to the previous paragraph (number 5,) and deletes the intervening lines and then presses enter, the next paragraph does get correctly reassigned as number 6. The paragraph after that, unfortunately, switches back to 1.

The only way to restore the numbering that I have found is to delete and recreate all the outline steps in order. If you have a couple of thousand steps in your outline, that’s pretty bad.

I’m guessing this is a OL/LI synchronization issue. If it is, the fix should involve checking for the tags and figuring out when to connect the sections (by deleting the intervening and


I’ve had the same problem when creating an outline in Scrivener. If a line needs to be added the numbers change. So, far it seems Scrivener requires the outline and all levels to be typed correctly. If I change number levels there seems to be a random numbering event. I’m not able to have Scrivener restart numbering or continuing number from the previous list, to my knowledge.

At this point I’ve spent too much time trying to get this to work. I believe there are issues using multiple lists. I think creating my outline in Word will be easier for my current project, until I figure out Scrivener lists.