Outline mode columns far too narrow

When I switch to outline mode in sb3, the label and status columns are so narrow that I only see the first letter of each label. Also, the title column is only 5 characters wide, make almost everything unreadable.

I would recommend auto-sizing all of the columns to a certain percentage of the available screen real estate. It looks odd that I have a huge window, and a six tiny columns all cramped up on the left side of that window.


Er… You can resize them, you know. :slight_smile: Besides which, those columns are not as thin as you say. They must be so in your saved settings file. Did you resize them at some point? If not, it may just be the bug mentioned in the release notes, which recommend you trash your preferences file. And outliner columns do not autosize because you can have lots visible. That is why there is a horizontal scroll bar. So, just resize the columns to your preferred width. This is not a bug.