Outline mode--enter synopsis without using Inspector?

I know that a pre-existing synopsis can be edited in outline view. But is there a way to add a synopsis directly in outline view, or it always has to be started in the Inspector?

In the Windows version, so I assume this is true on the Mac as well, you can add the Synopsis field as a column to the Outline view and just start typing into it.

Have you tried that?


Wrote a whole post explaining the difference between Mac and Windows and posting an image, but instead I figured it out.

You simply hit a return after the title of the document. It looks like you’re adding another line, but in fact when you hit return, the title goes bold to differentiate it from the synopsis.

Thanks for getting me to the answer LOL.

I was going to say, the method is in the wording of your question: enter it with the enter key. :laughing:

(Although yes technically it is Return, it makes no difference in this context.)