Outline Mode Indent in Windows Beta

Is there any way to increase the indentation on different levels within the Outliner view when Synopsis is toggled on? Either manually adjusting something on my end, or as a request for a programming change. I’ve looked through all of the options menus I can find for a manual fix, but it’s possible that I’ve missed something.

In screenshots from the Mac version, it’s easy to visually see the document hierarchy by the indentation in Outliner view, but it’s very hard to tell in the Windows Beta. Headings, sub-headings and sections (or equivalent terms) all look very similar at a glance on Windows.

I know there was a big thread about the icon size recently, and that’s not my issue. It’s not the size of the icons; it’s the difference in indentation/placement at different hierarchy levels.

I know I can make the titles of the largest categories a different color to more easily differentiate the top-level sections, but at any level lower than that, there’s almost no difference in the indentation before the icon. It’s less of a problem when the synopsis is turned off, but the entire reason I downloaded the beta was to have access to the synopsis feature because I loved how it looked in the Mac screenshots I’d seen.

Inside File > Options > Appearance > Binder you will find “Binder and Outliner extra indent”. Give it a try. It should add extra indent to your Binder/Outliner trees.

Yes! Thank you! I looked all over for this on the Outliner options but didn’t think to check the Binder options too since the Outliner was the bigger issue for me. This makes a huge difference in my ability to read my outline at a glance.

If the indent feature is open for feedback, I’d love the option to expand the indent even further than 5px. The current maximum of 5px is perfect on the Binder, but I’d love to have a 10px option on the Outliner.