Outline Mode & Keywords

I have a non-fiction personal project with four keyword groups and plenty of keywords in each. Works great! The only issue I have is that when I go to Outline mode and include the Keywords, they are all combined - there’s nothing to denote the different top level hierarchy.

Is there a way to set Keywords so that they show up something like this in an outline (or any other area)?

Example, in the Outline mode, I’d see: TOP LEVEL NAME1 keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 TOP LEVEL NAME2 keyword.

Thank you to all in advance.

No, I don’t believe there is a way to show keyword hierarchy in the outline, since the top level keywords are still keywords unto themselves…

The only compromise that would work is to make the top level keywords part of the keyword:
… and so-forth.

Not elegant, but it shows the hierarchy.

Keyword organisation is at this time purely a convenience for handling large amounts of them within the project keywords pane. There aren’t any features for working with them as hierarchical constructs outside of that context.

I don’t think so.

The outliner seems to show them in the order they’re in in the Inspector, so you could sort them manually there (but I’d hate to do it for more than a couple of documents, so it’s not really that feasible a solution).

The only (partial) solution I can think of is to

1: Name your Top level topics differently (ie all capitals and end with a colon perhaps) to the keywords
2. Always use the Keyword HUD (cmd-shift-k)
3. Always highlight the topic and the keywords in the HUD in order (CHARACTERS: + Arnold, then LOCATIONS: + Library + Montevideo) then drag them to the inspector.

This should preserve the order so that they show in outline accordingly.

The other suggestion is to consider whether some of the categories would be better as custom metadata in list format — would only work if you only ever had one keyword for that category of course.


BRILLIANT! This is exactly what I’m after! You are a genius. Thank you!