Outline numbered lists behave inconstently

Thanks @AmberV

Hope this helps, I’ve made it reproducible. TL;DR: key info isn’t being saved… problems occur after quitting and restarting. Details follow…

Here are some steps to reproduce this specific bug

  • Create new text document
  • Click in it and choose list style “1 1.1 1.2 2 2.1”
    • Number 1 appears in document - but note that the list style indicator says “1. 2. 3.”
  • Type words, hit return. New para numbered 2 appears
  • Type words, hit return
  • Click in para 2 and Home key to beginning of line. Hit tab. Item 2 becomes 1.1, 3 becomes 2.
  • Go to end of 1.1, hit return. Para 1.2 created. Type words, hit return, 1.3 created.
  • Type some more words in 1.3
  • Click in 1.2, hit Home, then Tab. 1.2 becomes 1.1.1, 1.3 becomes 1.2

Current state is this


Lots more editing, binder navigation, type in other editor window… it won’t go wrong!

→ Quit Scrivener, restart…

Type text in 2.4.2, hit return ant tab and indent is now wrong - it was number starting just under the text of the higher level para above


Shift tab and it’s wronger


But if I start a new outline number list below the new heading the numbers there are fine… and still persist in wrongness in the older set


Quit, let it take backup, restart

After restart in the “latest” list

Tab here and it’s wrong again



Something isn’t being saved correctly. Fix that and who knows how many problems will go away! :smiley:

PS I expect there are other circumstances that could cause that key info to get lost… e.g. after sufficient time old data structures could be garbage collected and Scrivener will go to disk for the saved text?

PPS After restart, new paras at the same level are OK, it’s only changing levels that seems to go wrong.