Outline: Structure vs Content


sadly my long used Circus Ponies Notebook died away, which I used for outline. Scrivener has an Outline Feature build in which is nice for structure but not for outlining content. For the difference of both concepts there is this excellent post by Daniel:

Outliner in Scrivener vs Outliner in Circus Ponies Notebook — Structure (Scrivener) vs Content (CPN) Outlines

So it would be great to have an improved outline feature for content outline in Scrivener. :smiley:


FWIW, I do content outlining in Scriv using a set of custom paragraph preset to which I have assigned handy key commands. All the presets do is give different levels of left indent. So, this gives me the most essential feature of outlining – though you don’t get special features like collapse/expand.

My preferred mode for highly-involved outlining is via mindmap. So, when I need more than the above, I am usually in my mindmap software. The above still plays a role, since my mindmap stuff gets imported in a way that makes use of those same outline-style presets.

I have also set the presets to match my preferred paragraph styling for Word’s outline heading styles, so copying and pasting any stuff I may have outlined using outline mode Word also just fits right in.


but this is what I am longing for plus the ability to add keywords for reference management

How much content do you want to include with the outline?

If it’s only a paragraph or two, then perhaps you can simulate (most of) what you want using the outline feature and synopses.

Ie Write your content in the synopsis (you can do this in Corkboard View (it’s the front of the card), in the Inspector (in any view) or in Outline view directly (if synopses are being shown).

Then all you need to do to ‘collapse’ just to titles or ‘expand’ to see the synopsis is toggle the View > Outline Columns > And Synopsis command.

Would that be enough?