Outline View Background

I’m thankful for the user preferences to set background colors in the various sections of Binder, Text, Corkboard and Notes.

This was something I also appreciated about Ulysses, as I prefer the use of light grays rather than staring at a bright white screen for long writing sessions.

Would it be possible to include a background color choice for the Outline View in Preferences?

Thanks for your consideration.


OK, I’m too embarrassed by the picky nature of this request to create a new topic for it, so I’ll piggyback on this one. When using vertical split view, I still occasionally forget to click (focus) on the other document before I change documents I’m viewing. So it would be cool if I could use different colors for the two documents displayed in vertical (or, I guess, for horizontal) splits.

See? I told you it was picayune. Don’t go to any trouble to do this, Keith. In fact, forget even I brought it up. Me and my silly color fetish. Eventually I’ll train myself to remember to change focus before switching documents.

gerry - this was an oversight I noticed myself just after the release of 1.0, and I added it straight away. So 1.01 does indeed allow you to change the outliner background colour.

brett - if you forget to change focus, I’m not really sure how having a different colour in each view would help. You probably just need to get into the habit of looking at the header view to see which document title is underlined - the one with the underline has the focus, so if it’s the other document you want to change, you know you need to click in it.


Brilliant. Thanks!