OUTLINE VIEW: Changing order back to "book sequence"


I have my project divided into Chapter folders, and each folder contains at least TWO versions of the that chapter (I’m actually combining some separately-produced work).

In OUTLINE MODE, I open each folder and can see the names, tags, word counts, etc. for each chapter, which is great. I’ve added some columns so I have lots of info at my fingertips.


I CLICKED on one of the column headers (“Title”) which has now re-sorted my outline by TITLE. Predictably, when I click “WORD COUNT,” it sorts according to WORD COUNT.

Easy question: How do I return my outline view to view the chapters by “book sequence,” i.e. the order I have the chapters in my binder?


Just click on the column header again. (Click once to sort ascending, again to sort descending, and again to return to unsorted.)

All the best,

Excellent - I just KNEW it would be something basic!

Thanks, Keith.