Outline View - Export to Excel and other Druthers

It would be great if there was a way to export the Outline View to Excel or a universally-readable spreadsheet. (Or maybe it exists already and I’ve missed this?)

Additionally, it would be really nice to not have to reset the Outline view window every, single time. Or even, to be able to turn on/off outline view categories en masse (open list, click multiple items on/off, close list); instead of open list, turn one off, open list, turn off another, rinse, repeat.

Excel aside, the persistence of view setting is something that will most certainly be a part of the final product. Not only for column placement, width, and visibility, but disclosure status of items—so if you have one item open out of 12, when you come back to that outline later with the history button or what have you, that one item will still be the only one open. All of this, definitely on the list. These settings will be per-split. That means you can set up the left split with some columns, and the right split with other columns.