Outline View - Losing Synopsis contrast with Solarized Dark UI

Unable to find this addressed elsewhere, so far.

Win 10 Home environment, fully updated
Beta .34

When testing the various UI color choices, contrast for text, corkboard, and outline seems all correct and appropriate for all choices except Solarized Dark. In other words, if a UI is lighter, then the text is dark…and, vice versa. However, when Solarized Dark is chosen, editor text is OK, corkboard is OK, and in the outline, the title is OK…all white on black background. However, the synopsis is dark text on a dark background, and is not visible unless selected, and then only barely visible.

This should be in the Beta Testing forum.

Doh!! Thanks. Thought I was in the right thread. My first bug post. Thanks for catching it. Someone will move it, but I’ll be more careful next time.

Didn’t solve it in the beta?