Outline View: printing, sorting, filtering


I do like the outline view, to keep track of the overall status of the writing project.

What I am looking for is functionality to print the view, sort and filter the columns (f.e. status).
Are the functions available and I am missing them?
Or are they not available (yet)?

Best, Adrian

I see this post is from a couple years ago with no reply. I have the same question/request.

Is there a way to print the outline view as it appears in the editor window, rather than having it reformat to standard word doc? Even if there were a way to copy and paste the editor contents into Excel, I would be able to print what I need.


I am trying to work on balancing my chapters so that I don’t have really long ones. To do that, I am using the outline view. But I am struggling on two accounts. First, I have many POV characters and I wanted my compile to add the character at the top every time POV changed (but not at every scene). So I have a layer of folders that are just header information I want to display about the scenes within them (the scenes are also tagged with their POV character for the purposes of searching and collections, although the latter I haven’t really figured out yet). That means I need to expand every folder to work with the actual body of work. I thought exporting it would allow me to work with the information better, but I can’t seem to do that. Printing to PDF just gave me the titles, not the word count or other fields I added.

Also, I love the little progress thing that someone else posted a picture of. Unfortunately, I don’t have word count targets (word count has very little to do with whether I am done). I do have statuses, and I have to do notes. Would be super cool if there was a way to tie that to progress.

If there’s a better way to deal with the POV switching too, I’d love to read about it. I have struggled with the compile and hacked it just because I didn’t want to burn more time when I could be writing and sending copies out to my beta readers.