Outline view & saved Layouts

I’m trying to save a particular layout for outlining and reviewing scenes, but the saved Layout is not keeping up with the selected outline columns I’ve chosen. Here are the steps I hope will be able to show this bug (assuming it IS a bug):

Select Window-Zoom to fit Screen
Select the top-level folder (Manuscript in my case) with folders and documents inside them, about 1/2 have text associated with them.
Hide the binder
Hide the inspector
Split the editor vertically.
On the left pane, select outline mode, toggle the “open in other editor” button.
Adjust the left editor to show all of the columns with little or no wasted space where columns used to be.
Select a folder or document.
In the right editor, change the view mode to show the text contents (if any) of the selected document/folder.
Save the Layout. (I’ll call it OutlinerLayout here)
Set up the outliner so only the following are shown: Title & Synopsis, Labels, Status, Total Word Count
Open the Layouts window, select the OutlinerLayout, and then Update Selected Layout.

Have another layout that is also saved, which shows a corkboard instead of the outliner, and shows both the inspector and the binder. Select that layout, and then select the OutlinerLayout again.

Note that the outliner columns are back to either the default set, or whatever you had before changing them to the above. In my case, I always end up with Title & Synopsis, Lables, Status, Words, Target, Progress.

I’m running build 6218 of version 2.0

What happens if you split the editor and have the outliner open in both? Does one of the outliner views have the correct columns? Each pane saves the columns separately, so I’m wondering if the panes just got swapped during the loading of the intermediate layout.
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I just tried that, and the right editor shows Title and Synopsis, Labels, Status.
I added “Total Word Count” to the columns, Updated my OutlineLayout then toggled to another layout and back to OutlineLayout.
Left outline view: same issue as before.
Right outline view: Back to only showing T&S, Labels, and Status.

I feel like a complete idiot. When I had the Layouts window open and was updating my outline layout… I failed to notice the check-box to “Save outliner and corkboard settings”.

Obviously, the bug was somewhere between my keyboard and my chair.
Sorry if I wasted any of your time on this.

Bugs in users are my favourite kind, don’t worry - especially when they mean I can remove a bug report from my long list. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!
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So you like your users worm ridden? Or do you prefer us with bed bugs? Which is it?