Outline view - use spacebar to open doc in OTHER editor?

I apologise if this has been answered before/is so obvious I must be blind to miss it!

If I have a split view, with an outline view on one side, is there a way to make the document selected in the outline open in the other editor - either automatically or using the spacebar?

I can find a setting to make binder clicks open in the second editor, and I can find how to use the spacebar to open the selected document in the outline in the same editor, but I can’t find a way to do what I’m looking for - please help me!


There is a way to open a document automatically from Corkboard or Outliner views. You’ll find an opposing-arrow button in the left half of the footer bar. Switch that on, and anything you click on in the one side will open up in the other editor if one is available. There is also a dedicated keyboard shortcut for doing this: Shift-Cmd-O.

Thank you so much! I was sure there must be a way, but I just couldn’t find it :slight_smile: