Outline view - where have you been all my life?

I must admit to signing up to just take a peek when it came out for Windows, fully intending to go back to trusty old Word with my piles of supporting excel documents. Then I fired up the basics of Scrivener video and watched it. It looked interesting and I shrugged and thought, this is okay, probably not too bad if you didn’t already have office - then in the middle of this thought, my jaw dropped as the video showed the outline view.*

Finally, I had a way to actually see what chapter was at what stage without alt-tabbing between Word & excel, to skim down the chapters and see what needed work, or which one would benefit by being moved around. I am so impressed, I actually signed up to tell you - though I hope to contribute questions/bugs as I settle in. Thanks very much guys :slight_smile:

[size=85]* I might have shouted ‘I love you’ at the screen at that point. You can’t prove anything though.[/size]

Thanks, Thessilian! Funnily enough, for all of Scrivener’s other features, what you describe is exactly what made me come up with Scrivener in the first place - I was fed up with trying keep my Word files up to date with my Excel outlines (and the index cards I wrote on). Great to hear that this is something that has clicked for you too!

All the best,