Outliner and Metadata

So, I have this novel… a hundred thousand words or so, and climbing.
I have metadata associated with every scene. In particular, I have a DATE associated with every scene, but the calendar I’m using is not the standard Gregorian one.

So I use three pieces of Metadata to create dates. A year entry, a month entry, a day entry.
However, in the Outliner (which is a great place to enter them), when I click on an entry that’s already been made, the item resets to “Month” instead of, say, “Lombiente” which is what it was. So then I have to make the entry all over again. If it’s metadata using a list, it does this whenever I click on an already-made entry.

Can we stop that? I think the behavior of least surprise here would be for the entry to remain what it was before I clicked on it, and then I can choose whether to move up or down the list.

Also, when creating the lists, and dragging and dropping metadata list items, you can move things around, but you can also drop them ON another entry, essentially deleting the item being moved. That should also change, I think; the item dropability in the Metadata list item creation should only be between, above, or below other entries; on them should not be allowed (until you have multiple levels allowed for them, like you have in keywords).


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