Outliner and numbering/sequence problems

I’ve had great support here from fellow users, so I hope I will be as lucky with this question.
I’m trying to better organise a very large project using the Outliner feature but have encountered a puzzling issue. If I select, say, a Folder of Documents and display them with the Corkboard feature, the Documents appear in the expected order, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc (when I turn numbering on). But if I choose to display them in the Outliner List format, the sequence is all mixed up and/or some Documents don’t appear at all. I’m guessing I’ve messed up some setting somewhere but can’t figure out what it might be.

PS In case it matters, I’m using the Mac Os version, latest update etc
Any ideas? Many thanks, as ever, for the generous help

Is it possible this is not a feature but a bug? I’ve just restarted the app and the Documents are now in the correct, sequential order.

I’d say that’s an undisputable sign that something got messed up at some point. :wink:

Or perhaps you had them sorted differently without noticing (?).
(Not sure that resets on close/reopen though…)

It’s extremely likely you clicked on one of the column headers in the Outliner view, to sort by it. Such a condition would persist for the duration of a session or until you change it back yourself.

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Thanks. In the Outliner view I have only Titles and Synopsis ticked and showing, so there are no other (that I can see) columns to sort by (and it looked fine when viewed on the Corkboard), so perhaps it is a bug/glitch.

It is possible to sort by title though, but if you spot it happening again, and do not see a little arrow indicator in the column header, let us know!

Ah, thank you very much, I see it now (or almost do). You’re right (of course). When I collapse the Inspector I can see that behind it the Word Count option is also displaying, which is likely what was being used to sort the view. As I see no indication of what field is determining the sorting of the view, am I right in thinking that tapping on a blank section of the header area cycles between the various displaying options (in my case Title, Synopsis, Word Count and then back to Title again?
Many thanks once more. I’m promising myself when the pressure of my current project is off my shoulders, I must sit down and properly read the Manual, end to end – there is so much more to Scrivener than meets the (uneducated) eye!

It would probably be easiest to just click on the Title and Synopsis header label, at the very top of the column, a few times to see how it works, and what it looks like when it is sorting. You won’t hurt anything by sorting a list, it isn’t moving things around permanently.

This isn’t anything particular to Scrivener—pretty much any list view that allows for sorting in the first place will be using this same three-click rotation convention (ascending/descending/off), like Finder or File Explorer windows in List mode. So it’s a good thing to learn in general.

I’m not sure what you mean by tapping on the blank area and cycling between display options. I’m not even sure what ‘tapping’ means in this context. But it almost sounds like maybe §8.3.3, Managing Columns, in the user manual PDF might be of some assistance.

Many thanks. I’ll. refer to that part of the manual. FWIW I should of course have said ‘clicking’ rather than ‘tapping’ the blank section of the head: it appears I am becoming one with my machine :wink:

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