Outliner Behavior

The small changes that Keith made to the outliner (and corkboard) between beta 1 and beta 2 have made a huge difference for my work. The ability to create new documents by hitting return/enter in the outliner means that it now works in the same way that the binder and corkboard do. This has also improved the interface considerably for me - it is much easier to create fields/documents quickly, and to brainstorm inside of the outliner without distraction or losing one’s place.

Likewise the ability in corkboard to either double-click on the document icon or to hit command-enter to immediately enter the document’s main text window is, for me at least, a dramatic improvement in speed, efficiency, and ease of navigation.

But I often find myself wanting to navigate easily and quickly between entries/records in the outliner and the actual text editing window of the document. Unless I’m missing something, there is no equivalent to clicking an icon or hitting command-enter that will allow me to jump into the text and start writing immediately. Would it be possible to implement a feature like this in outliner, so that its behavior would be consistent with corkboard? I am now required to toggle off the outliner and then find the document in the binder and click on it and then mouse over to the text window. This can really slow or even break the flow. It is then also a bit cumbersome in both outliner and corkboard to get back to the outline or notcards you were working with this - easy back and forth navigation would make a huge difference.

I am very eager to see Keith’s beta 3 solution to the blank screen issue and am sure that he has improved navigation and integration between binder and outliner/corkboard. But in case this one small issue was not addressed (clicking through an outline field to the actual text editing window of the the document) I thought I would bring it up. I will save my other questions and wishes about navigation and integration until we have a chance to see and use the modifcations in beta 3.

I have thoroughly enjoyed producing text in Scrivener these last weeks. If Mori, which I use reguarly, found the sweet spot between a database and an outliner, Scriviner seems to have found the perfect sweet spot between outliner and text editor/word processor. (With all the export options, annotations, and footnotes it does almost all of the processing I need for even academic writing.) This is no small accomplishment and is much appreciated.

(Command-enter in corkboard works so perfectly and is so intuitive that I would like to make a plea for keeping this key combination in the next beta for shifting from notecard in corkboard to the text editing window. I would imagine that most people use text/corkboard more frequently than media files. If this is impossible, I will get used to a three key shortcut, but command-enter is very sweet.)

This program gets better by the week! Amazing.

Hi gmw,

I’m ahead of you on this one. Unfortunately, though, I have had to change the key-combination, though hopefully the new one is not too bad. In beta 3, cmd-alt-O (for open) opens a document in the current editor in text editing mode, whether you are in corkboard or outliner mode. Shift-cmd-O opens the document in the editor in the other split. (Cmd-return has been restored to its former use of playing/pausing media files; I wanted to be able to use similar key-combinations for “open in editor” and “open in alternate editor”, and, seeing as the enter key is in use for other things, the O key seemed the most obvious choice of letter for this. Hope you get used to the new shortcut.

So, everything you have requested is already in beta 3 except for the key combination you wanted. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Sounds perfect. I hadn’t even thought about how useful it would be to have a shortcut in corkboard/outliner for opening the document in the other split. Amazing. This will be very useful. I will happily adjust to the three key shortcut. Can’t wait for Beta 3. Thanks Keith.