Outliner - can't right-click

Just found something odd - If you make Include in Compile the first (leftmost) column in the outliner, you can’t right-click on any of the entries in the outliner. Well, you can, but the menu never appears. Seems to work as expected when that column is in any other position.

Thanks! Good catch, it looks like an exception as being thrown in the Console when this happens.

Just ran into something possibly(?) related.

I had Include in Compile as the 2nd column. Opt+Click to de/select froze up for a moment or two and then crashed (crash log sent). There were 1520 items in the outliner at the time.

Opt+Click in the Compile Dialog worked as expected.

And just an update on my first report - it’s not just Include in Compile, seems you can’t right-click when any column is before the Title and synopsis column (can’t believe I didn’t test that the other day…)

Thanks, the initial problem has already been fixed and will be in the next update.

For the second issue, I think that is perhaps more related to the scale of the operation. The Outliner is obviously a much more heavy-duty view than the Contents pane. It could be some kind of memory leak lead to a crash, or even that too much reiteration is being done. Did you send in a crash log?

Yep, crash log was sent. Think I included a link back to this thread, but I don’t recall now.

Okay, just an update on this. I’ve done a few series of tests and I think I’ve identified the source of the problem, so I’ll write that up for Keith. Thanks again!