Outliner Columns (

Outliner view appears to ignore whether the inspector is visible when it sets its width. This means that if I have the Inspector showing, I have to scroll horizontally to see the last column’s values (I only have 3 columns visible).

I have Title, Word Count, and Total Word Count selected for Outliner view. The values for Total Word Count are right-justified, and I have to scroll to see them if I have the inspector showing. I would like to not have to do that.

If I understand you correctly, I think this is just working the way it is intended to. Try adding more than six columns to an outliner without the Inspector, to see what I mean. Once you add enough, it starts to scroll the view. There are two lines of thought in design when it comes to column views like this. One model is to continue squeezing columns in so that they sum width of them all matches the width of the current view and no scrolling is required. This model is more convenient when the number of columns is limited, and typical usage does not involve many of them being concurrently selected. The other model is the one Scrivener uses, whereby new columns increase the width of the view by the width of the column. This way many more columns can be added at once, and is more appropriate for situations where many possible columns are available, and typical usage tends toward having a good number of them visible at once.

If what you are seeing looks like that, then just try to plan around it. Make sure you can see everything important while the inspector is open by adjusting the column widths, and put less important stuff further to the right.

I understand why it would need to scroll if many columns were selected.

My issue is that even though I only have 3 columns selected, I still have to scroll to read the values of the last column. Scrivener sets the first two columns to appropriate widths, but then appears to use the rest of the space for the last column. That would not be an issue if ‘the rest of the space’ considered whether the inspector was there. There is plenty of room for the information I’m trying to display. There should not be a scroll bar in this case.

I can take a screenshot if this is still unclear.

Hmm, I think I might need that screenshot, because for me the particular problem you describe should already be handled. If you have a wide column on the end and the Inspector needs room to show itself, that last column should collapse to make enough room, so that its new right-edge is along the side of the Inspector, rather than underneath it. Here is what I get:

I’m running (Feb 6th) on Windows 8 x64 at 1920x1080. If there’s any other information I can provide to help, please let me know.

And now, of course, I’ve managed to fix it. Since you said it was working fine on your system I thought there must be something funky about my own. I’d been using the most recent betas prior to installing the full version and didn’t uninstall. Since I installed the betas to a separate directory and the About page was listing, I assumed the beta wasn’t interfering. I was wrong. After uninstalling the beta my Scrivener works just like yours.

Interesting! I was trying everything to get it to work the way you describe, but I didn’t think of trying that. :wink: Glad it’s working more normally now.