Outliner Columns Checklist

I am assuming that this is not a bug, which is why I am posting here.

I would want there to be a place where I can unselect – IN ONE GO – all the columns I don’t want, rather than as it is now both in “View/Outliner Columns” and in the Outliner itself, that each time I unselect a column in the list, the list closes and I have to repeatedly open it to make additional unselects.

I am missing something here?

There’s not a way to do that at the moment, although I’ll see if it’s something Lee might be able to add in the future–I’m not sure code-wise how that would work and where it would fit, but I certainly see the benefits of it if possible. What will change that will at least make this somewhat less tedious is that Scrivener will remember your outliner setup between sessions, so once you’ve set it up how you like it you won’t have to constantly redo it; also, the default won’t be to have every option checked (which is usually far more than most people want). I think this has been fixed for the next beta.

Additionally, there will be a way in the future to save different layouts, which for the outliner will include the columns you’ve arranged, so if there are a couple different set-ups that you use all the time you’ll be able to save these and then easily switch between them via the layout manager instead of having to select and unselect columns repeatedly.

Thank you, as always, Jennifer for understanding my issue and validating my perception of reality (Scrivener-wise, that is :slight_smile: ). And thank you for your prompt response, as well. Be blessed in all ways.