Outliner Columns Settings Lost on 1.0.3 update

I have updated to 1.0.3. I am on Win 7.

Either I have hit some setting I shouldn’t, or this is a bug.

On entering outline view for the first time since the update, all that was showing in that view seemed to be the titles; it seems that my settings have been wiped as they were wont to do when updating to a newer beta version. I have had to again tick those columns I require.

I noticed this too - and also that my compile setting got changed - I spent quite a lot of time convinced that project statistics were not working properly (word count was far too low) until I realised that the compile settings had changed to exclude the text. [The good news is that I now understand much better the full power of the compile capability!]

I am also using v. 1.03 under Windows 7 (64 bit). Whenever I close Scrivener it resets the Outliner to show only the title. It doesn’t remember my settings about which columns to show.

Okay, I think I just reproduced this one. It seems to have a specific case where it will reset to show only the titles–in most cases when I’ve tested, the settings are remembered, but if I adjust the visible columns, then load a single text document, switch to the outliner view, then switch to the corkboard, when I close and reopen the project the outliner settings have reverted to only displaying the title. In fact, if I adjust the columns, switch to viewing a single doc to view the outliner, then switch to corkboard view, and then switch to the outliner, it reverts just in the same session without the open/close part. The main part here being viewing the outliner on a single document and then loading the corkboard (on any document, stack, or folder).

If you’re able to get this by some other steps, could you let me know? I’ve filed the bug for Lee so probably that’s enough to wipe it out, but I’d like to make sure I test with your method too once he gets a fix so we can make sure it’s really corrected.

Thanks for tracking down the bug. I’m not sure of the specific sequence of steps I followed that led to the problem.

I just did some testing, and if I have a folder containing multiple documents selected when I quit the program then it remembers the settings. But if I have a single document selected then it forgets them. At least I know what to avoid for now.

If I notice anything else about this problem I will let you know.

I too am experiencing this problem. Not only does Scrivener lose my Outliner columns but it also seems to want a lengthy process of “lucky clicks” to get them back. At first I thought that the title column was just too wide. I closed the Inspector and sure enough, found that the other columns were hiding all bunched up underneath. On that occasion I was able to drag to resize the columns. Then I went back to corkboard, did some more work using Index cards and then wanted to re-read the synopsis through, step by step in Outliner only to find that it was showing only “Title” again.

I only want to have Title and Synopsis displayed in Outliner so that I can make sure what I am writing “flows” and I am not leaving anything out. The last time it lost everything and I tried to sort it out, the huge title column would not resize, I could not drag anything from the extreme right hand side like previously and Scrivener was telling me that only Title and Synopsis were to be displayed. When I finally managed to get the drag to work to reduce the size of the Title, it showed ALL the columns were in fact being displayed and I had to select them and then deselect them to get rid of them.

I followed the above advice and found that if I save the file and exit whilst I have the Outliner view I want open then on reopening the file the columns are as I want them. However, if I go and work in Corkboard or the Editor again and then back into Outliner, the columns are gone.
Somewhere along the lines, it is losing all the formatting for that section.

And this AM, I experienced the opposite problem - Everything was showing!
I had closed Scrivener with two text documents selected, and had them showing in the outliner. When I opened it this morning, the same two documents were selected, but all of the columns were showing. I checked the settings arrow, and it indicated that only the ones I wanted were selected. Back to the outliner - no change. Back to the little arrow indicator, and it now showed all columns selected.